Membership Classifications


Non- Farming

Dues $20 annual

What’s Included:

 ➤ Partners quarterly magazine


Regular Voting

Farmers or farmland owners with at least $2,500 in gross farm income

Dues $75 annual

What’s Included:

 ➤ Eligible to vote the board of directors and serve as a board member

 ➤ Eligibility to receive Stephenson Service Co.  patronage

 ➤ FarmWeek newspaper

Professional Voting

Anyone who works in a ag-related occupation

Dues $75 annual

What’s included:

 ➤ Eligibility to vote to elect the board of directors

   FarmWeek newspaper

Office Contact Information

212 N. Main St, P.O. Box 501
Elizabeth, IL 61028

Open Monday – Friday

8:00 – 4:30


Manager – Annette Eggers
[email protected]

 Office Manager – Stefanie Johnson
[email protected]

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