Local Activities

 There are several activities traditionally conducted by the Jo Daviess County Farm Bureau Young Leaders. Activities include:

Kiddie Tractor Pulls

These events are held around the county in conjunction with other community activities such as town festivals and the 4-H Fair in Elizabeth. Kiddie Tractor Pulls are advertised in advance of the event and all children are eligible. Kiddie Tractor Pulls usually require three volunteers to keep things moving.

Petting Zoo Bus

The Petting Zoo Bus is exactly what it sounds like – a bus retrofitted with pens for animals so onlookers can “walk through” the petting zoo. The Petting Zoo Bus is used most in the summer time at Farm Bureau Farm Fun Days and other events that the Farm Bureau participates in. Volunteers are needed to “host” during these events and to help supply the farm animals needed to educate attendees.

Commodity Promotions

Depending on the year, Farm Bureau Young Leaders play a key role in moving forward and publicizing information regarding specific commodity promotions assembled by the Illinois Farm Bureau. Examples of these in the past include: a “pint for a pint” promotion giving a pint of milk to those who donated blood, an E85 promotion, promoting pork at a local health fair, giving out dairy samples, information and many other activities.

Monthly Meetings

For members that would like to assume a very active role, the Young Leaders meet monthly to plan and create new activities.

District Young Leader Activities

Each year, neighboring county Farm Bureau’s host events such as game nights and dinners that make it easy for active Young Leaders in Agriculture to network, share ideas and simply get to know one another. These events are different each year, and suggestions are always welcome!

Office Contact Information

212 N. Main St, P.O. Box 501
Elizabeth, IL 61028

Open Monday – Friday

8:00 – 4:30


Manager – Annette Eggers
[email protected]

 Office Manager – Stefanie Johnson
[email protected]

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